Women (Saheli)

SAHELI is a South Asian women’s network, working in the areas of health and well being, and economic empowerment. Formed under SEVA International, SAHELI contributes to the community and enterprise development work of SEVA with a particular focus on women. In keeping with SEVA’s approach, SAHELI operates by utilising the assets within its target communities+ Read More

Aged Care (Vriddha)

VRIDDHA (SENIORS/ELDERS) is one of the key pillars of SEVA International Inc. It focusses on the growing community of ageing people with South Asian ancestry living in Sydney. As part of SEVA, Vriddha operates via advocacy and representation of the South Asian elders at various levels of federal, state and local government. VRIDDHA seeks to increase+ Read More

Health (Arogya)

AROGYA (HEALTH), another pillar of SEVA International Inc. has its main objective to identify, evaluate and build on the health literacy of South Asian consumers. SEVA seeks to identify and develop health literacy projects in the areas of accessing the preventative healthcare initiatives and programs of NSW Health, Multicultural Health, Mental Health, NDIS and NDSS.+ Read More


Consistent with its values and as a natural progression, SEVA focuses on the conduct of evidence based social research working closely with service providers and educational institutions with a view to providing policy inputs to all levels of government and service providers. Overtime, SEVA will build a reliable and sound body of knowledge and understanding+ Read More