Employment Opportunities for Immigrants

Employment is perhaps the greatest facilitator of settlement for a migrant. Lack of adequate pre and post arrival settlement information on employment opportunities; lack of jobs in their respective professional areas of expertise, inadequate language skills, and consequent under-employment are some of the major hurdles faced by new migrants. Extended delays in validation or recognition of overseas professional skills and qualifications, needs for re-training and lack of local work experience are also further impediments to a successful employment outcome for new migrants.

The Department of Immigration’s website referred below has guides which provide an overview for 14 most popular professions including Engineering, Law, Accountancy, Architecture, Medicine, IT, Management and others. These guides include information on recognition of overseas qualifications, the job market, as well as advice on looking for work.

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations – (DEWR) – their Job
Network is another good source of information on job prospects in different professional and skills areas.

Useful websites:

www.immi.gov.au (Department of Immigration)
www.dewr.gov.au (Job network and job seekers – 146268)
www.centrelink.gov.au (Tel: 132850)