SAHELI is a South Asian women’s network, working in the areas of health and well being, and economic empowerment. Formed under SEVA International, SAHELI contributes to the community and enterprise development work of SEVA with a particular focus on women. In keeping with SEVA’s approach, SAHELI operates by utilising the assets within its target communities to build and enhance community capacity.
SAHELI is uniquely focused on the needs of South Asian women from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Our goals are to:

  • Work in partnership on community projects and capacity building targeting health, social and economic well-being for South Asian women
  • Facilitate information provision to communities
  • Develop a South Asian women’s hub to build social and economic bridges in the community
  • Network with service providers in collaboration with SEVA

Foster volunteering by enabling all individuals with specific skills and experience in the communities to play a greater role within the wider community
SAHELI delivers its services through a core group, supported by a network of volunteers of South Asian women with varied skills, backgrounds and experience. Our members can communicate in most of the South Asian regional languages.

Our Mission

To empower women and families from a South Asian background in the areas of health, social and economic well being.

Contact us

Shantha Viswanathan
T: 0422 082 608
E: shantha_vish@yahoo.com.au

Charu Bhatia
T: 0411 110 046
E: charabhai@hotmail.com