With health requirements and eligibility criteria ensuring that only those in good health generally migrate to Australia, people in Australia who were born overseas have been found to be generally in good health as compared to the people born in Australia. The better health and a good range of health services available in Australia is reflected in a longer life expectancy, lower death, disability and hospitalization rates and a lower prevalence of some life style related risk factors amongst the migrant communities on the whole.

However as time goes by, the ‘ healthy migrant effect’ seems to diminish and for some conditions, health outcomes for Asian born Australians seem to decline. The importance of primary health care delivered by general practitioners, Practice Nurses and other health care professionals in delivering primary health care needs emphasis. Community Health care services are also provided at strategic locations in metropolitan city and rural areas.

Increased interaction and consultations with migrant community groups will facilitate on-going integrated development of health services appropriate to the community in specialized areas such as mental health, disability, aged care, womens’ health and other special needs.

Useful websites: (Department of Immigration) (For Community health care centres refer to the White pages.The Migrant Resource Centres, the community health centres and the Local Councils are also a good source of primary information)