Seva Projects

Empowering Communities Project

SEVA Empowering Communities Project was aimed at producing a collaborative resource for community development, utilising the strengths and assets within the target communities. It explores ways to mobilize the resources that are already present within the community and then working with external partners to complement and fill any gaps. The focus is on empowerment –+ Read More


SAHELI, South Asian women’s network

Our Projects

South Asian Women’s Wellbeing Centre Merrylands, NSW Individuals and organisations in the South Asian community have come together to provide a space for women from our communities to gather, share information, and make new connections. The South Asian Women’s Wellbeing Centre is based in Merrylands (NSW), close to the community. There are health, wellbeing, arts+ Read More

Aged Care

Aged care project for new immigrants


Welfare information for immigrants


Health projects for new arrived immigrants