Consistent with its values and as a natural progression, SEVA focuses on the conduct of evidence based social research working closely with service providers and educational institutions with a view to providing policy inputs to all levels of government and service providers. Overtime, SEVA will build a reliable and sound body of knowledge and understanding about the South Asian communities; a data base for the social and cultural understanding of the South Asian communities within Australia and outside.

Our Team

Sue Advani

Sapna Lazarus

Jayashree Arcot

In partnership with University of Technology Shopfront (2020) and Macquarie University (PACE 2021, 2022) we have produced three reports of interest to the South Asian Community based on research done by students from both Universities as part of their placement/internship at SEVA International Inc.

  1. Considering Culture (Australian Aged Care Service Design and South Asian Communities (Partnership between SEVA International Inc and UTS Shopfront
  2. Culture At Heart (Identifying Gaps in South Asian Aged Care Services in NSW (Greater Sydney and Wollongong) (Partnership between SEVA International Inc and Macquarie University)
  3. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental health and Wellbeing of South Asian Elders in Australia (Partnership between SEVA International Inc. and Macquarie University)

The reports can be obtained by contacting SEVA International through the “Contact Us” page.