SEVA Empowering Communities Presentation


Mapping strengths and skills
Mobilising resources
Establishing key relationships – Interdependence

Participating Organisations from South Asian and African backgrounds
Association of Bhutanese In Australia Sydney
Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association

Bantal Pulaar Community Group Australia Inc.< Gurkha-Nepaese Community Inc. Punjabi Paniri Sydney Sindhi Association Rwandan Community - NSW Changing community through citizen involvement and not through increased services Relationships are the key resources Based on workshops by participating organisations: • Skills required to start up a grassroots community organisation were mapped • Strengths were discovered via a Strengths Survey – tapping into skills people had or wanted to learn, what skills could be shared and how we could support each other when faced with challenges HIGHLIGHTS from the survey results included: • 38% of participants know Fair Trading Rules for organisational set up and they can teach as well • 63% of participants know how to identify and mitigate risk and 25% of them can teach as well SKILL AREAS specifically relevant to this project were: • 63% of participants know event management and 25% can teach • 25% of participants have video/multimedia skills • 25% of participants have photography skills